What is Progressive Streaming ?

Published: 27th March 2007
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The difference between progressive and streaming is very subtle. A Progressive Download in Flash means you are able to watch the video while the rest of the video is loading into the player and is caching into the users temporary internet files. Flash Comm Server works differently by using the Flash Player, you can command it to stream directly from the server, with no caching.

FLV's being played remotely from the server use Streaming Playback. If the FLV file is not playing through a Flash Communication Server you won't be able to use Streaming Playback.

FCS DEMO # 1 Demonstrates a 2 hour movie that plays without any buffer waiting, either to begin the movie, or at any time during the movie if moving the slider bar

Though nearly identical to Progressive download, FCS streaming does have some advantages to the developer. Streaming servers can, invisibly adjust for changes in bandwidth, allow the user to move to any position in the video and to set up playlists that have no lag between videos. Flash application communicates through the Flash Communication Server.

Even though the browser can play the file while connected to the server, the file cannot be played locally, and it is not cached to the users temp internet files. Given the connection to the MX server however, it allows the user to play the movie directly in their chosen browser. This eliminates the need for a third party download such as Quicktime, Windows Media Player, Divx or Real Player.

Flash is embedded in 98% of all internet browsers, a higher percentage than WM, Real Player and Quicktime combined.

FCS Players Demonstrates the versatility of player construction with the use of thumbnails and cue points at 1/16th of the total movie time. http://flvhosting.com/demos/f6_fcs_powered_flv_v2/player.html

Look for the button next to the volume for the scenes control. This allows for instant fast forward or navigation similar to a DVD chapter listing. Embedding the player is limited only to the developers html and xml skills. The player can be made to be a launched in a new window. This kind of player is also suitable for members areas for Pay Per View and other user controlled situations.

Mike McGuinness

Video Source: Youtube

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